Picking the Right Water Treatment

Picking the Right Water Treatment - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Making Smart Choices about Water Treatment

Picking the right water treatment is very important and with abundant choices making the right choices can be difficult and confusing. With so many choices and limited knowledge costly mistakes are far too common. Many will, unfortunately, make poor decisions and others will simply decide the process is too confusing and choose not to purchase at all.

We want you to enjoy your water and a better quality of life with the right treatment and to that point we've gathered this list of page and blog links to help you start learning and making smart choices.

Good To Know

Filter Finder Quiz - Easily find your perfect water treatment system

Compare Ion Bond vs Ion Exchange Treatment

How ICS impacts your life 

What's Treatable? - Learn what problems can be treated with ICS

Where to Install - Watch Location Considerations video

Video Playlist - Super great information for everyone

More about sizes

Maintaining your treatment system

Water treatment operating costs

Keeping treatment simple