Protect your hot water heater, save time. money, and problems

Protect your hot water heater, save time. money, and problems - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

If you want to protect your investment and keep it working properly for as long as possible, consider investing in a water treatment system for your home. If you live in an area where there is hardness and/or sediment in your water supply you need a water treatment system to protect your investment and maintain your heater warranty. This is true for all hot water heaters but especially true for on-demand or tankless heaters.

You see, the reason these on-demand or tankless heaters are able to heat water as you are using it is because the water flows through very narrow channels so the heat from the flame outside the channel will rapidly transfer to the water causing it to heat up. These narrow channels are naturally subject to blockage from sediment and hard water scale deposits. Sediment and scale deposits prevent the water from flowing and heat from efficiently transferring to the water. The type and severity of blockage directly relates to heater service, and maintenance frequency. Untreated water may even lead to premature failure requiring a replacement heater.

How to protect your heater

It is possible to "descale" the heater and remove hard water scale deposits. Depending upon how hard the water is where the heater is installed the heater may need to be descaled as often as every year. Descaling is a "normal" method of dealing with hard scale buildup, restoring efficiency and preventing problems or even failure.

Maintaining Heater Warranty

In order to maintain your on-demand water heater warranty most manufacturers require a filter and, if needed, a water softener prior to the heater.
If you treat all the water in your home or business that will include water going to your water heater and you should be good to go (check the manufacturer’s requirements). Another option is to treat only the water going through the heater by adding filter and softener system directly to the hot water heater.

The perfect treatment

For residential applications, to treat only the water going to the hot water heater our ICS-SPU Point of Use treatment system is perfect. It combines a sediment filter and PolyHalt® water softener in one compact system.

To treat all the water one of our Point of Entry systems such as ICS-SP or ICS-STP are excellent choices. Both systems filter sediment and soften the water with PolyHalt® saltless technology and the ICS-STP adds a very good carbon filter for taste and odor. Either system can be purchased from your local plumber or here on

Protect your investment, save time and money, maintain your heater warranty and enjoy your water.