Are You a Water Waster - You Might Not Know, Let's Find Out

Are You a Water Waster - You Might Not Know, Let's Find Out - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Water softeners have been common in water treatment for decades. Salt free softeners are a technology that provides more benefits for your home and the earth than some might realize. Ditching your salt-based water softener can save you money and time but, also help the environment and our water supplies.

You might be a water waster and not even know it. One of the largest differences between salt-based water softeners and salt free water softeners is, water waste. Salt-based softeners must backwash or regenerate to continue working. During each regeneration process hundreds of fresh water are used and then sent down the drain. This waste water has high concentrations of salt precluding it from being reused, it can't even be used for watering plants, gardens or lawns and it ends up in our environment. As you can see, the regeneration process wastes water and that water is unusable and has been proven to pollute our groundwater leading to a whole new set of concerns and even banning of salt-based softeners in many jurisdictions.  

Salt free softeners do not require a backwash. They also do not require salt or a drain. There is no wasted water when using a saltless softener.  They are better for the environment because they do not waste water, and they do not use salt that can permeate into our ground water sources. 

If you have a salt-based water softener you are a water waster and polluter, there is no other way about it.

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