Phoenix and Mesa AZ Enact Water Shortage Management Plan

Phoenix and Mesa AZ Enact Water Shortage Management Plan - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

Due to historic drought, climate change and over-allocation, conditions on the Colorado River are worsening. While deeper shortages may come quicker than anticipated, Mesa recognizes the situation is serious and continues to strategically plan for a future with less water. As a result, Mesa declared a Stage One Water Shortage and is enacting their Water Shortage Management Plan. According to the Plan, Stage One triggers a “Water Watch” stage with a water system use reduction goal of five percent. Water conservation and efficiency are vital to a sustainable future in the desert.1

How you can help conserve and protect our precious water

You can help by choosing your water treatment wisely. Most water softeners and treatment systems are wasteful of fresh drinking water and add harmful salt to our supplies of fresh water. Cascadian Water is proud to have created and to produce cartridge based waste free eco-friendly water softening and filtering systems. Cartridge based treatments help conserve by reducing water usage and protect by keeping salt out of aquafers and reservoirs. They do not produce a salty waste stream and are a significant improvement over automatic self regenerating treatment systems in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, the State of Arizona and the entire desert southwest. 

How much does cartridge based water treatment save?

Compared to automatic regenerating salt based water softeners each Cascadian water softener saves between 100 and 600 gallons of waste water and prevents 40 - 100 pounds of salt from entering our ecosystem per month. That is a savings of 1,200 - 14,400 gallons of fresh water and 480 - 1,200 pounds of salt per year for each new or upgrade to an existing automatic system. That's conserving a lot of water and keeping a bunch of salt out of the ecosystem. Just imagine that's about a truck load of salt and an Olympic swimming pool of water saved every year for every 50 customers who choose cartridge based treatment.

1. Mesa Enacts Water Shortage Management Plan; 5/18/2022.