What to Expect When Softening With PolyHalt

We want you to know what you can expect from your PolyHalt Ion Bond Softener

Your water will not leave you feeling slippery or slimy Feeling

Because no salt is added to your water PolyHalt softened water will not feel slippery or slimy. Learn More about slippery soft water

Your Water Could Be Worse

That’s okay – In fact, it’s actually a good thing.

When you first use PolyHalt, it’ll begin to clean your system, and that flushes out some of the bad stuff that had been building up. What you’re seeing is the existing scale buildup being loosened and cleaned away in your plumbing and fixtures.

But, like all transitions, this “worse” water is only temporary.

It’ll stop when the existing building up is cleaned. Usually — depending on how much build-up you currently have — it’ll stop after 30 to 60 days.

It’s always recommended you flush our hot water tank to clear accumulated loose minerals at the same time you install your new PolyHalt softener system.

Hardness Tests Same Before and After Treatment

This is because a hard water test shows the concentration of minerals in the water. It does not indicate their condition. Since softening with PolyHalt softens by changing the condition through ion bonding and they remain in the water a hardness test will show them. Learn More about hardness testing.

Treatment Does Not Make Water Spot Free

Just like conventional salt-based softeners, there will be evaporative spots but treatment makes them easier.