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The ICS-CTP35 is a high flow water softener and conditioner system. 

The ICS-CTP35 does this for you:

  • Solves your water problems effectively and efficiently
  • Pays for itself by saving you time, money and work
  • Simplifies your life while making your water more enjoyable
  • Frees you up - do more of what you enjoy more often 


High performance treatment in a small system.
Cartridge based high flow treatment system is designed to soften all the water for every use in large homes and businesses such as restaurants, hotels and agricultural processes. It is an excellent choice for city or well water.

Treatment with PolyHalt® salt free water softener and water conditioner
  • Produces salt free soft water using ion bond technology to prevent hard water minerals from behaving hard.
  • No need to buy, transport, store or use heavy bags of salt or potassium
  • Prevents harmful and embarrassing stains, hard to remove spots, hard scale buildup and soap scum
  • Protects and reduces problems with plumbing, fixtures and appliances from sediment, mineral and aggressive water damage
  • Prevents silica etching and pitting of glass and fixture damage
  • Makes soft water that doesn't feel slimy or slippery
  • Water is safe for all uses including drinking, cooking, bathing, watering pets plants and gardens
  • Reduces amount of soaps, detergents and work needed to clean 
  • Makes hair look and feel better with less time, shampoo and conditioner
  • Makes clothes last longer and be whiter, brighter and softer longer
    DIY friendly, easy to install and simple to maintain
    • Reliable - no moving parts to wear and replace or electronics to program 
    • Filter housing drain included for easier and safer filter changes
    • No need to deal with softener salt or a tank exchange service
    • Simply change your filter once per year to keep system working perfectly
    Small size
    • Advanced technologies and engineering reduces size to about 1/15th to 1/20th the size of traditional salt-based softener it replaces
    • Fits almost anywhere
    • No salt is used or added to our environment
    • Does not waste water - no water running to drain, doesn't make any noise 
    • Does not require power
    Legal everywhere
    • Legal where salt based softeners are restricted or banned completely

    Independent 3rd party verified
    • Verified safe for drinking water by NSF to standards 42 and 61. 

      Guides and Manuals:

      SATISFACTION GUARNTEE 60 Days, WARRANTY 5 Years, See details for all

      Warning in the State of California; State of California Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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