I Have City Water, Why Would I Need to Treat It

I Have City Water, Why Would I Need to Treat It - Cascadian Water

Gabe Ergler |

You don't need to treat City Water right? You could be wrong.

Sure city water leaves the treatment plant safe for human consumption. Problems often arise in the distribution system as water travels to your home. It is a common mistake to believe that because your water comes from a city supply it is high quality and does not need further treatment at your home or business.

Common factors that cause city water to need treatment;

  • City water treatment facilities are only required to make your water safe from what is known as primary contaminants, things like arsenic and bacteria.
  • Cities are not required to fix what are known as secondary contaminants like iron or hardness.
  • Water quality is affected by the distribution system itself.

Generally city water is pretty safe as it leaves the treatment facility but there is very little control over what happens on its way to your home or business through the distribution system. Along the way to your home or business water travels through storage tanks, reservoirs and through pipes. During its journey it can change substantially for the worse. Your water may not be as clean as you think it is.

Understanding these factors allows us to design treatment systems that are effective for city (municipal or managed) water supplies.

What does this mean for you?

It means you could be;

  • Working much harder and spending more money than need be keeping your home clean, clothes bright and white and appliances functioning properly.
  • Doing something more enjoyable than cleaning up the effects of poor quality water with your time.
  • Doing something more enjoyable than re-buying buying dishes, clothes and appliances with your hard earned money.
  • Enjoying high quality water throughout your home or business
  • Having more time and spending your hard earned money on something you enjoy and
  • Selling your home faster and for more money

Take a look at the picture above. These are Cascadian ICS-TPK filters, the one on the left is used and the one on the right is new. The customer installed the ICS-TP Water Treatment System to soften the hard water and remove the bad chlorine taste. The water that caused the used filter to look so bad come from the City of Mesa AZ. When the customer looked at his used filter he discovered there is much more in his City of Mesa water than he ever imagined. In addition to softening the water and removing the bad chlorine taste the filter removed iron and other particulate to clarify the water.

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