ICS Part Number Codes - What They Mean

ICS Part Number Codes - What They Mean

If you're new to the Cascadian ICS product line you might be wondering if there is any rhyme or reason to the part numbers. Well I'm happy to share with you that there really a meaning to each of the part numbers. 

Why so many different treatment systems?

You might also be wondering why we have so many different treatment systems. That too is a great question.

Let me explain:

It all has to do with our history finding a way to successfully treat difficult water problems, problems other companies wouldn't touch. As we developed our craft we learned to clearly identify problems, design treatment to address them and provide clear expectations with our customers. 

So, carrying on this successful formula we have identified water quality problems or sets of problems that required specific treatments. This way we are able to build treatment that has the highest success rate in the industry. So, we have multiple treatments to treat different sets of problems.

ICS Part Numbers - What do they mean?

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