What does Water Waste look like?

Gabe Ergler |

Water comes into your house. And then, when you’re done with it, it goes out. For a long time, that’s about as much thought as most of us gave it.

But where does that water go? And what happens to it? And then, the water coming into our homes, where did it

At their core, these are environmental questions.  

The more connected our world becomes, the more we see that questions like this are not only for far-away places. But they’re for us, right here. And the more science learns, the more we understand how these very questions are affecting our daily lives.

At Cascadian Water, we take these things seriously. We believe you should have healthy, natural water in your home. And we believe that it shouldn’t be an environmentally harmful process.

That’s why we invented PolyHalt®. A natural process that neutralizes the bad things in your water without all the waste-water and hassle of traditional salt-based water softeners.

So, to get the question above — What happens to the water that leaves your home?

All of this brings up a pretty important issue: it matters what you put down your drain (or in your yard).

So when you have a salt-based water softener it creates a lot of wastewater… that waste doesn’t just disappear and it impacts our environment. It doesn't have to be that way, consider our PolyHalt® water softeners for fabulous water without the water waste environmental consequences.