Use Cascadian PolyHalt Filters Inside Your Nuvo H20 System

Why we build replacement filters for Nuvo

Many years ago our plumber customers made it loud and clear they and their customers preferred Cascadian's ICS treatment over anything offered by Nuvo H2O. On top of preferring the treatment customers also like the fact Cascadian filters last twice as long as the Nuvo so they are easier and cost less to maintain. They asked if we could build replacement filters that would fit the Nuvo housings so their customer didn't have to spend good money to replace their Nuvo housings and still use the much better Cascadian filters. 

Since listening to our customers has always been a top priority we went to work and built filters to fit the different Nuvo housings. Later Nuvo switched their housings to stripped down versions of the ones manufactured by the same company that makes ours. 

Cascadian Filters for the Nuvo Manor Housing

Now if you have a Nuvo Manor housing, no mater the generation, you have a few choices to upgrade your treatment. You can get vastly better treatment simply by switching to one of these Cascadian filter Kits. And because of our  innovative PolyCor technology we are able to build filters that perform multiple treatment functions and still fit into your one existing Nuvo Manor housing without changing any plumbing. 

  • The ICS-PK adds all the benefits of a PolyHalt water softener
  • The ICS-SPK adds Multimicron sediment and PolyHalt water softener (yes all in one cartridge that fits Nuvo housings)
  • The ICS-TPK adds a activated carbon taste and odor filter and a PolyHalt water softener and it too will fit a single Manor housing 

Cascadian Filters for the Nuvo Studio and Home Housings

Both these filters add all the benefits of sediment filter and a PolyHalt water softener in a single filter designed for the Nuvo housing without any plumbing changes.

  • The Cascadian ICS-SP0621K fits any Nuvo Studio housing 
  • The Cascadian ICS-SP1222K fits any Nuvo Home housing

Upgrade your Nuvo treatment system today by replacing your filters with Cascadian.