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  • Take back the tap - Environmental impact of bottled water is 3,500 times greater.

    If you haven't considered the environmental impact of bottled water this article puts a few things into perspective.
  • DIY Tips and Tricks Part 3 'Ease Of Installation'

    DIY Tips to Save You Time and Money. Part 3 'Ease of Installation' is all about a successful installation of your Cascadian Water Treatment System. Full of tips to save you time and money.
  • DIY Tips and Tricks Part 2 'Location Considerations'

    DIY Tips to Save You Time and Money. Part 2 'Installation Considerations' is all about choosing the right location for your Cascadian Water Treatment System.
  • DIY Tips and Tricks Part 1 - 'Not Everyone Knows'

    DIY Tips to Save You Time and Money. Part 1 'Not Everyone Knows' is all about getting to know your Cascadian Water Treatment System. Learn how you get more for your money in smaller, simpler and eco-friendly salt free water treatment system.
  • Your water should be wet – not slippery

    Most people who choose a water softener do so because of the problems with hard water.

    Whether it’s causing a scale buildup in your pipes, giving you soap scum, or because, well, it’s just plain hard to work with. Whatever your reasons, most agree soft water is better.

    But some have unexpectedly found that when they’ve softened their water, it’s become slippery. In our research, as much as 97% of softener owners have said this slippery feeling was a real problem for them. And before coming to us, many just accepted this as a cost of having soft water.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • What makes Cascadian's PolyHalt so special?

    We developed PolyHalt to give you a safe, soft water solution without having to use salt. But… why no salt? Salt-based softeners often contribute t...
  • Cascadian Water Continues to Expand into the Southwestern U.S. 

    Cascadian Water expands into the Desert Southwest bringing better water treatment to more people.
  • Benefits of a Salt Free Water Softener in Arizona

    Arizona’s hard water really affects quality of life. Left unchecked it ruins clothes and causes costly damage you home and appliances.
  • Hard Water Defined

    What is the definition of hard water? in this blog we discuss just that and you'll have a clear understanding of what hard water is. You'll be glad you took the time to read.
  • Water Testing Before Purchasing Cascadian Treatment System

    Should you test your water? In this blog we examine when to test your water and what to test for.
  • Why Do Softeners Leave White Spots?

    Water softeners do not make spot free water - can you believe it? 

    You might be asking yourself why water softeners don't produce spot free water.

    Let's find out why softened water leaves white spots and take a look at two technologies a little more in depth. 

  • Soft Water Defined

    There is a lot of information about hard water out there but what about soft water? To understand what soft water is let's take a look at how it is defined.