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PG-0100 Pressure Gauge for Cascadian 2nd Gen POE Treatment Systems. Image
Identify which generation is your Cascadian water treatment system. Image
Pressure Gauge Only. Image


Pressure Gauge for 2nd Gen POE Treatment Systems

Optional pressure gauges fit directly to all 2nd generation Cascadian whole home water treatment systems. They allow you to measure the pressure before and after a filter. A change in the pressure gives an indication as to how dirty the filter is. Pressure difference increases as the filter removes sediment and particles from the water.

Please Note: Actual pressure gauge may differ from product pictured.

These single filter system requires 2 gauges. 

  • ICS-H
  • ICS-P
  • ICS-PH
  • ICS-SP
  • ICS-S5
  • ICS-TP

A double filter system may use a total of 4 gauges to measure across each filter individually or 2 gauges to measure across the entire filter system. Double filter systems include:

  • ICS-SI
  • ICS-ST
  • ICS-TO

Determining Your ICS's Generation

This will point to a page that explains the differences between gen 1 and gen 2

  • Eco-Friendly

    No water waste

  • Legal Everywhere

    Our filters can be used where salt softeners are banned

  • Easy Maintenance

    Change filters once or more per year

  • 60 Day Guarantee

    Return it, not questions asked

Rely on our expertise to deliver the simplest water treatment

– Cascadian Water has served the needs of our community for nearly 30 years